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Welcome to the beta phase of the Subseasonal Forecast Contest. Students and instructors from university are encouraged to participate. The purpose of the contest is for participants to learn, compete, and have fun. We also hope the platform creates more job opportunities for students and a portal for employers to better evaluate the talents and skill sets of the students. All data, methods, and research used in the contest are publicly available.

- The only rules are that there are no rules! Almost. You can use any methods you want, but you are required to submit the forecast and methods.
- You may solicit ideas, help, and/or advice from anyone.
- You may utilize any forecast data sources found on the web et al.
- You must submit forecasts on Tuesday's by 12pm ET.

- Please complete the required fields in the 'Forecast' page. Please make sure to include links to all relevant data sources, analysis, code, etc...

Helpful Information for navigating the site:
- Forecast page: Please submit forecasts here.
- Archive page: Repository for forecasts, methods, and performance metrics.
- Tools/Resources page: Repository for information and links to many weather sources
- Tools/Sandbox page: Repository for our Meeting minutes, our research, and a place to share forecast techniques, ideas, rules of thumb, etc..
- Maxar website (please reach out to the Forecast Contest team for information on setting up an account): Access to historical data, numerical model guidance, and Radiant's own 16-20 day forecast.